Stem Cell Therapy Helps Patient to Lead a Better Life

There are many cases where the body movements of the person get affected due to improper channel of communication between the brain and the particular body part. Therefore, such set of neurological disorders that affects the movement is called the cerebral palsy. It is very common disease that is found among the kids.

This problem causes a wide range of physical symptoms, where the patient might face difficulties in walking and coordinating the movements. This cerebral palsy is a term for the entire effects of damage that is undergone to a developing brain by various causes. The patient may even face the symptoms of muscle weakness and movement problems. This damage so caused to the brain basically occurs very early on in its development, that starts either in the baby during the pregnancy or during the period soon after their birth. In order to judge a person from such disease the symptoms may include difficulties in walking, making a balance and motor control, problem in eating, swallowing, speech or coordination of eye movements, etc. There are even cases that too very rare where some people affected by cerebral palsy also have some level of intellectual disability. It is also seen that no two people with cerebral palsy are affected in exactly the same way. 

In order to reduce or cure the brain damage only stem cell therapy is the one solution that rests solely to limit the problems.

The cerebral palsy stem cell therapy cost in India is also within the reach of the people as many of the best hospitals are now offering the therapy.

How the cerebral stem cell therapy works?

Cerebral palsy which is basically is caused by damage to the functioning of the brain’s motor control center. Our brain which consists of several parts billions of different brain cells which get distorted causing cerebral palsy problem. Thus, it is important to understand as to how all the networks of cells in these parts of the brain work together for treating CP is so hard.

There are stem cells that can develop into specific types of brain cells, where those cells are replaced those which are damaged. Many of the research theories suggest that stem cells placed into a person’s body have the property of stimulating a response that mends our damaged cells. The stem cells can be used to create new brain cells in a lab which can be used further to replace the damaged cells in the brain.

These cerebral stem cells are not entirely damaged but go worse day by day.

The patients or kids suffering with cerebral palsy may find a difficulty to walk, sit or tie their shoe laces. There are some which may even find it difficult to grasp objects or raise their hands. This latest and successful stem cell therapy is being used to treat neurological disorders like autism, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, etc. With the simple process of extracting the stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow and injecting near the brain and spinal cord, the cells can quickly heal the injured region of the brain. 


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